2021 Regional & National Logo2021 Regional & National

April 20-27, 2021

Roberts Centre Hotel & Conference Center
123 Gano Road
Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Pam Helmer, Show Chair & National Show Advisor, celestialpetits@atlanticbb.net
Sue Smyth, Assistant Show Chair, Oldyork2002@aol.com

PBGVCA 2021 National Specialty COVID19 Precautions

Click Here for COVID-19 Waiver

In order to provide for as safe an environment as possible for all attendees, please be aware of the following policies.

The club is committed to complying to local law as well as the Best Practices which have been published by AKC for each event. Click Here for local information. Click Here for AKC's documents for each sport. Please familiarize yourself with the Best Practices for any event that you plan to enter or attend.

Wearing masks are mandatory within the hotel including show rings or other common areas within the show site. In accordance with AKC guidelines the handler in agility is allowed to pull the mask down while running their dog. When outside the hotel, masks are required when you are within 6 feet of anyone outside of your household and particularly when grooming dogs in the outside area. Please plan accordingly and pack enough masks for your time in Ohio. Hand washing and the regular cleaning of surfaces is extremely important. While the facility has plenty of restrooms, please be prepared with hand sanitizer and any necessary supplies for keeping your area clean.

Indoor crating and grooming space will be available, but the use of blow dryers indoors will not be allowed. There will be several EZ-up style tents with access to electricity in the electric only RV area for drying dogs. As always, grooming in hotel rooms is not permitted.

Ringside chairs and tables will be set by the hotel in a manner that allows for social distancing. No one may move any chairs or other furniture without permission from the show committee. Personal chairs are allowed but must be spaced at least 6 feet from any hotel chairs.

In the conformation ring, stickers will be placed on the carpet 6 feet apart. Please use these as a guide for spacing between handlers - this will be a lot more space than you are used to! The ring will have a separate entrance and exit so you don't have to cross paths with the next class. For Best of Breed check in, each dog and handler will enter the ring, show your number to the judge and stewards and then circle to the exit gate. The judge will bring specials into the ring in smaller groups and then make a cut.

Judges and volunteers will be wearing masks and judges will be hand sanitizing between dogs. Please take some time to train for this before the show. The smell of hand sanitizer may be more concerning to some PBGVs than masks so be sure to introduce this to your dogs.

It is likely that judging will take a bit longer than usual as everyone gets used to these procedures. Please be patient and allow extra time for things like picking up armbands. If needed, rally judging may be held at the same time as sweepstakes because of our tight schedule, but we will do our best to accommodate conflicts.

For meals, seating will be spread out more than usual. Again, moving of chairs is not permitted. Once we know how many seats can safely be placed at each table, we will allow groups to reserve full tables if desired. Boxed lunches are available for pre order on all 5 days of the show. We strongly encourage ordering these, as service at the restaurant may be delayed and lunch breaks will be kept to 45 minutes or less. Any buffet meals will be served by hotel staff rather than self-service.

For this year, the auction will be held primarily online with a few live items. Donations and support for this event are greatly appreciated!

For many of us, the National Specialty is our only chance to see friends and we recognize that social distancing is difficult at a social event. Please respect that everyone has a different level of risk as well as a different level of comfort.

By choosing to attend the show, you are agreeing to follow the above guidelines as well as any additional requirements that may be added. All attendees will be required to sign the COVID-19 waiver no more than 24 hours before you arrive. Failing to follow the instructions of the hotel, show committee, or judges with regard to COVID19 precautions will result in a bench show hearing.

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